Examining counter-terrorism impact on charity banking

The government is to convene a working group to look at the implications of counter terrorism legislation on the funding and delivery of humanitarian assistance, including the closing of charity bank accounts. The working group will include charities and NGOs as well as members of the banking sector and key government departments.

As reported by Civil Society News, the Treasury’s key aim is to build a shared understanding of the specific contexts in which NGOs operate, and concerns regarding funding flows. » Continue reading news item ... “Examining counter-terrorism impact on charity banking”

Challenges and innovation for global civil society

The latest annual review of civil society around the world has been published by Civicus, looking at its working conditions and drawing on a range of perspectives from experts and activists.

As reported by Civil Society News, last year was a dismal one for civil society around the world, seeing widespread demonisation of civil society activists.

Civicus’s own news release gives key points as

  • Addressing exclusion is an urgent political issue, which gained renewed emphasis with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.
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New international Nonprofit news site, from Catalonia

A website on the third sector and volunteering, in the Catalan language, has started a “new adventure” with an international non-profit portal.

The portal aims to be a meeting point for international non-profit and third-sector leaders, professionals and other interested stakeholders and has a dual objective:

  • Reflect and generate opinion and discussions on the third sector and volunteering.
  • Being a space to exchange and disseminate good practices and the more relevant experiences developed by Catalan non-profit organisations and others from around the world.
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Good tech: awards and reports

This year’s Tech4Good Awards are now open, for any charity, business, individual, social enterprise, school, college, university or any other public body with a base in the UK.

Categories are:

  • AbilityNet Accessibility Award – software, hardware or other digital innovation that transforms the lives of disabled people.
  • BT MyDonate Fundraising Award – technology helping with charitable fundraising.
  • Community Impact Award –  digital technology to transform their community.
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Charity regulators’ advice on banking, online extortion

Scottish banking advice for charities

New guidance to support charities with their banking arrangements has been produced by the Scottish  charity regulator.

OSCR has worked with the British Bankers’ Association, the Charity Finance Group and others. While the guidance builds on an existing BBA leaflet for England and Wales, this has a specifically Scottish focus. Aimed at charity trustees and managers, it provides key information on banking, including choosing and opening the right bank account, understanding banking charges and fees, and how to switch accounts. » Continue reading news item ... “Charity regulators’ advice on banking, online extortion”

International giving and development

New research on risk for working in international development, and on giving levels around the world.

Risk Index for international organisations

A new index to measure the changes in perceived risk versus actual losses for International NGOs has been produced. As reported by sector umbrella body BOND, the first results for summer 2015 show the top six global risks as

  • Political and labour unrest 29%
  • Kidnap and ransom 25%
  • Worker’s compensation 17%
  • Property damage and loss 13%
  • Terrorism 10%
  • Disease 6%

Organisers Clements Worldwide are now looking for survey participants for the autumn 2015 index. » Continue reading news item ... “International giving and development”