VAT on charity building hits hard

The complexities of VAT around charity work gets a hard illustration from a million pound bill handed to Caritas Anchor House. This is in connection with its construction of ‘move on’ flats, for previously homeless residents.

The charity says the unexpected cost is down to the new premises being reviewed by HM Revenue and Customs as a ‘residential and life skills centre’ rather than a ‘homeless hostel’. » Continue reading news item ... “VAT on charity building hits hard”

Charity law debate covers public benefit, protecting assets

Amendments to the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill debated in the House of Lords this week covered a number of issues, including protecting charitable assets, improving social investment and the public benefit of private schools.

The Guardian has an article about the debate on an amendment (number 7) put forward to protect charitable housing association assets in particular:

Peers voted vote 257-174 in favour of an amendment that seeks to ensure charities are not “compelled to use or dispose of their assets in a way which is inconsistent with their charitable purposes”.

 » Continue reading news item ... “Charity law debate covers public benefit, protecting assets”

Overview of new government’s legislative proposals

The new government’s programme of legislation for the current session of parliament was set out in the Queen’s Speech on 27th May. Much of the outline of the content was already known, but there will be a lot of scrutiny to come of areas relevant to the sector.

NCVO quickly produced an overview of five pieces of legislation (‘bills’ when in draft form) they consider of most relevance:

  • European Union Referendum Bill
  • Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill
  • Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill
  • Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill
  • Housing Bill

Civil Society News coverage leads with NCVO’s comment that the Housing Bill creates a “worrying precedent” for charities, as it would force some charities to dispose of assets at below market value. » Continue reading news item ... “Overview of new government’s legislative proposals”

Final sector round-up for Election 2015

Our last round-up (probably) of material produced by the sector in relation to the election next Thursday. Also added to our Election 2015 page collating everything.

A useful overview in the Huffington Post’s ‘Promises, Promises – How Will the Charitable Sector Fare in the 2015 Election?‘, written by the CEO of social enterprise Cause4.

Revolving Doors has set out five priorities for an incoming government to improve the lives of some of the most excluded people in society, those experiencing a combination of problems. » Continue reading news item ... “Final sector round-up for Election 2015”

Learning from experience in community regeneration

New from east London charity Community Links is ‘Regeneration For All: benefiting people as well as places’, a policy briefing capturing what has been learned from working in an area of huge regeneration for almost forty years. The report offers lessons for other places on how to ensure that the process delivers for the whole community.

Background article at has links to the report (pdf, 272KB).