Opening up government process for sustainable development goals

Sector bodies across the UK have worked together to create the Open Government Pioneers Project, aiming at strengthening civil society’s influence on opening up the devolved governments and pushing progress towards sustainable development goals.

The project is led by Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Northern Ireland Environment Link, Wales Council for Voluntary Action and Involve UK, a public participation charity. It is linked to the International Open Government Partnership, where governments and civil society of 70 countries are working together to make their governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens. » Continue reading news item ... “Opening up government process for sustainable development goals”

Challenges and innovation for global civil society

The latest annual review of civil society around the world has been published by Civicus, looking at its working conditions and drawing on a range of perspectives from experts and activists.

As reported by Civil Society News, last year was a dismal one for civil society around the world, seeing widespread demonisation of civil society activists.

Civicus’s own news release gives key points as

  • Addressing exclusion is an urgent political issue, which gained renewed emphasis with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.
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Civil liberties brings higher levels of volunteering

A study into volunteering and democracy in former Soviet Union countries found that increased civil liberties lead to higher levels of volunteering, rather than the other way round.

An article on Third Sector Research Centre’s blog goes into a little more detail on the research behind whether volunteering is an outcome or a driver of democratisation. A linked full article ‘Civil liberties and Volunteering in Six Former Soviet Union Countries’ in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly requires a subscription or one-off payment.

Digital transformation and tools for charities

Several new digital technology reports and articles of interest.

Digital transformation

Sector think-tank NPC has published ‘Tech for common good – The case for a collective approach to digital transformation in the social sector’, in order to effectively tackle social problems.

This suggests that

The biggest challenges the social sector faces are systemic – they are of fragmented networks, perverse incentives, poor allocation of resources and inadequate information.

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Views on civil society around the globe

The 2015 edition of the global ‘State of Civil Society’ report has been published by Civicus.

At the time of writing, Civicus website pages are appearing blank in VoluntaryNews web browsers. The pdf downloads work fine, but without a content index for the full 377 pages we can’t quickly summarise it for you!

We have seen links to two chapters:

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