NI law society provides translated leaflets

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has published various translated information leaflets on legal matters.

They have been translated by students into 9 languages including Chinese and Arabic, covering topics such as property, claiming asylum, making a will. They are available for download from both the Society’s publications section and a news item on Community NI website. Hard copies are available on request from the Society or solicitor firms throughout Northern Ireland.

Tackling poverty in neighbourhoods

Recently published by Joseph Rowntree Foundation with Sheffield Hallam University is ‘Community-led approaches to reducing poverty in neighbourhoods: A review of evidence and practice’

The findings, per the executive summary, unsurprisingly include:

There is no ‘silver bullet’ in terms of a single community-led approach that is best placed to tackle poverty. There are a wide range of community-led approaches and poverty-related outcomes vary across and within approaches in terms of scale, nature and timing.

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Pointers to making real change

New from sector consultancy nfpSynergy is ‘Past Imperfect’, examining data to try and see what changes in charity areas of activity, for better or worse, have taken place over the last few decades.  The areas covered were cancer, heart disease, disability, poverty, and the environment.

There is an overview of the report’s conclusions, in ‘How can charities change the world?‘. There is of course a download link too for the full report (registration required). » Continue reading news item ... “Pointers to making real change”

Overview on Scottish devolution powers

The Scottish Parliament has issued a new Guide to Devolution that they suggest may be useful to voluntary organisations and others. This provides a short history to date as well as an overview of the new powers under the Scotland Bill 2015-16. It also explains the position on welfare issues, with a graph on expenditure on welfare benefits after further devolution.

Download ‘Citizens’ Guide to Scottish Devolution’ by the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee, in pdf, 2MB. » Continue reading news item ... “Overview on Scottish devolution powers”

Connecting people to community services via open data

Open Referral is an initiative (from America) that aims to “develop data standards and open platforms that make it easy to share and find information about community resources” – making it more straightforward to locate help. 

The project’s chief operating officer writes for thinktank NPC on the topic in ‘Joining the dots between people and services‘.

‘Resource directory data’ gives information about the accessibility of public and charitable services but

Since no single institution is responsible for collecting information about all services, what we get today is a siloed landscape of fragmented information which offers people considerably less value than the costly sum of its parts.

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