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Directly submit your charity news, announcement of a useful new service for the sector etc., for publication on VoluntaryNews. Complete and send the form below – we will do a basic check and publish relevant material a.s.a.p.*

You can copy and paste, into the space just below the toolbar, from existing documents. It will handle most formatting from Word docs and the like, but there is a “clear format” eraser button (2nd row), just in case. It’s a good idea to make the title short but descriptive. This is also used to create the web address, and we are likely to edit if too long.

Please do include web links – select some text and just paste the URL on to it (or use the “chain link” button). Images are also encouraged, landscape format best – a user account will allow the use of the Add Media button rather than the ‘Upload’ link (drag and drop might work too).

The “toolbar toggle“, on the first row of buttons, will show/hide the second row. (It’s recommended to stay in the Visual tab.)

* Material likely to be left unpublished includes: announcements from commercial firms of charity sponsorship/fundraising, pieces with very short timescales, items which would fit better under Events or Jobs (we might do a transfer).

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