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What is VoluntaryNews?

VoluntaryNews carries relevant and practical news of interest to those involved with voluntary and community organisations across the UK (charity management, volunteer workers, chairs and treasurers, etc.). Plus events for the same audience. Material is collated, filtered and edited from a wide variety of sources – the useful stuff, leaving out the hype and marketing speak.

As of December 2016, the connected VolResource email newsletter has ended publication, but this site remains open for submissions of news and events.

Contributions are welcome, especially where they have broad relevance to the sector. They will usually appear under Charity News or Sector Services – wider inclusion at our editorial discretion. See Adding your content section below. For communication advice and other ways of getting the message across, see the VolResource Dealing with the Media page.

Direct commenting on articles is now closed, January 2017.

Disclaimer We check material for accuracy and completeness as best we can, but there are often constraints to this, and we encourage active checking before taking any action based on it.

Site design

VoluntaryNews strives for high accessibility standards, and uses the WordPress system. The theme design is ‘Gazette’ from Automattic with a few tweaks to fit our colour scheme and range of content. Font icons are generally from Font Awesome.

In case of any accessibility issues, we still have a dedicated Search page, also the home of links to monthly ‘archive’ pages. Please let us know if you have any problems using the site.


Websites run by voluntary organisations are welcome to connect to our news feeds (RSS), as long as this is clearly labelled and credited to ‘VoluntaryNews from VolResource’, with a link back if possible. And it would be great if you let us know. Note: the type of site content included in the main RSS can change – we currently exclude Sector Services news and Events sections (events do appear in the VoluntaryNews Twitter feed).

More wholesale or regular re-use of material by other means should be cleared with us first, please.

Privacy and cookies

Cookies are used by Google to provide their advertising service – without these you are likely to get generic ads instead. Statistics collection for the site (via both WordPress and Google) also uses cookies, as do the ‘share’ buttons, to link with target social media sites. Cookies are also essential for the user log-in process.

Most web browsers have settings to block or delete cookies, history etc., so if you’d rather not participate, we suggest consulting your browser’s Help pages, or find guidance on the About Cookies website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer/device.

We never pass on any details you provide to third parties, e.g. email addresses given on submitting material or registering an account, and are strict in our own use. VoluntaryNews/VolResource uses a secure UK-based hosting service.


This site features advertising provided by the Google AdWords service. You can add yours by registering with them and selecting our site as a target. We can also add your banner adverts direct, across the site – in the header or footer positions, and the sidebar on article pages.

Most content is included for free when sent in by voluntary organisations. We may charge for material submitted by agencies or other commercial bodies – rates on request.

If you are interested in discussing advertising options, please use the Advertising contact form.

Adding your content

By using our established website and its facilities your news can carry further. For example Charity News will appear in both our Twitter and RSS feeds by default (but not usually on the front page of the site).

The best way to send in news is to ‘add it direct’ using the simple Submit News form, allowing us to just review for relevance and format before pressing the publish button. The alternative Content for Consideration form should only be used if you encounter problems with the direct submission.

If you are likely to want to contribute several news articles, registering for an account could be a good idea – the appropriate permissions will be given a.s.a.p. Notes for authors are now mainly on the creating/editing screens (Guide tab) – please read them before starting to add material. The WordPress edit screens should be reasonably straightforward for regular computer users.

The Events section is happy to accept just about anything of interest to a voluntary sector audience. For one off events, or to notify us about a calendar we can link to/import, use the Add an Event form. If you often organise events, please register for an account so you can add them direct.

The Jobs Board has been retired, November 2016.

Commercial organisations should read the Advertising section above first.

We don’t generally approve user accounts for those based outside the UK or Ireland. If you have a good reason for an exception, please explain when you sign up.


VoluntaryNews is one of a number of projects run by VolResource. News and events may be created by approved authors* or via our open submission forms, but these are always subject to basic checks before publication.

* From charities, support bodies or service suppliers

Current authors


Editor and main author John Howes, creator of VolResource.

Registered contributors:

Age UK London

A campaigning organisation actively striving to get the voices of older people heard.

Sayer Vincent

Sayer Vincent was set up specifically to work with charities and social enterprises. and this specialism enables us to blend technical knowledge with practical experience. – All our advisors have worked with charities. – All our trainee accountants receive charity-specific training.

VolNews Contributor

News, events, vacancies sent in by charities, voluntary groups, suppliers to the sector, consultants, etc.

Our sites

The main VolResource site, started in 1999, provides practical information for voluntary sector staff, managers, committees, volunteers, members. Briefings on everything to do with running a voluntary organisation, links to further resources, listings of specialist services and software, a glossary, and much more information.

CharityBlog is the ‘social media’ side, relaunched December 2016.

The News Archive has items from before December 2012 – access by request. As well as material from previous VoluntaryNews sites, this also gathers together old sector news which first appeared on VolResource.

For more on the background to our development, see the VolResource About page.

Contact us

Please use the most specific form you can. Thanks.

Web form or email is our favoured means of communication (put news before volresource dot org dot uk). Voice mail can be left on 070 9235 7720 but please give an email address if you want a reply. If you really need it, snail mail: 25 Willow Grove, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2SE (we are unlikely to reproduce material from hard copy).

Logging in problems?

Most people won’t have any problems logging in to a registered user account, but there are a number of things which can get in the way:

  • Note that user name and password are case sensitive – if you registered using a capital letter (e.g. Fred), you should type it that way.
  • Cookies must be enabled (these keep track of your personal settings).
  • Web browser software (Chrome, Firefox etc.) often keeps visited pages ‘cached’. You may need to clear the cache for corrections to show up.

A few more words on caching (computers keeping copies of web pages locally, or at network level). Sometimes web browsers will show a page you previously visited in its ‘logged in’ state, even though you have now logged out. This is can be why an access denied warning appears – please ignore or log in again, depending on what you are trying to do. Try disabling the cache, if your browser lets you. Remember to switch it back on later to speed up web browsing.

Your views and additions are welcome