Final VolResource newsletter

The final edition of the VolResource newsletter has been sent out.


A special mailing for all subscribers has also gone out (12th January 2017), giving details of possible replacement publications you might like to sign up for, and other alternative sources. Community Matters Yorkshire has started a Voluntary Updates newsletter, twice a month, to fill the gap. The first issue can be seen here.

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NI law society provides translated leaflets

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has published various translated information leaflets on legal matters.

They have been translated by students into 9 languages including Chinese and Arabic, covering topics such as property, claiming asylum, making a will. They are available for download from both the Society’s publications section and a news item on Community NI website. Hard copies are available on request from the Society or solicitor firms throughout Northern Ireland.

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Local charities suffer from poor commissioning

A new report from Lloyds Bank Foundation, ‘Commissioning in Crisis’, highlights

“some of the ludicrous processes used (in public sector commissioning) to bridge the gap left by too little money. These approaches penalise small charities in particular, excluding them from bidding for, let alone winning, contracts, leaving many deprived of funding and on the brink of shutting up shop.”

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Key findings on the role of faith-based charities

Sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital has brought together key findings from an 18-month programme of research into the role of faith-based charities.

The report outlines what makes faith-based charities unique, the contribution they make to the wider charity sector, and the challenges and opportunities they face. It draws on desk research, a survey of faith-based charities, and in-depth qualitative interviews with charities, funders and key stakeholders.

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