What can charity leaders learn from Henry V?

‘Inspirational Leadership – Henry V: fit to lead?

For the first time Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) is running a unique leadership workshop on Friday 2nd December, inspired by William Shakespeare’s Henry V to help charity leaders tackle some of the pressing challenges affecting the sector and improve their leadership skills.

This two part fun and interactive workshop delivered by Olivier Mythodrama, a company set up by Lawrence Olivier’s son Richard Olivier will look at the many leadership challenges faced by the King before his miraculous triumph at the battle of Agincourt on 25th October 1415.

During the morning, delegates will explore their own leadership challenges and consider the building blocks needed to serve as an inspiring and outstanding leader.

This session will look at their personal resilience, methods to build on their strengths, techniques to deal with stress and mental pressures and discuss a personal plan to help them better lead their teams and other stakeholders.

In the afternoon professional actors will guide participants through Henry V’s leadership journey, encouraging them to draw parallels from their own experiences.

Using role play, the delegates will explore the many different characteristics and attributes needed by good leaders by looking at key acts in the play both before and after the battle of Agincourt.

These characteristics include the Good King – who is good at planning, getting resources in place, the Warrior who is all about action and targets and the Earth mother who is the nurturing and the creative one.

Ian Lawson, Co-Lead for Leadership Development, Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School, says, “This promises to be one of the most engaging and fascinating leadership workshops we have introduced to charity leaders. Of all Shakespeare’s plays, Henry V offers the deepest insights into the nature of inspiration. Henry V’s leadership skills and his ability to innovate were what made the difference to him winning or losing.

“Charity leaders are facing unprecedented challenges today not least in terms of funding, lack of public trust and ensuring good governance. They need to be at the top of their game and adapt their leadership style to meet these challenges, just like Henry V.

“We hope to show leaders what it takes to lead others, motivate them and keep them with you, as well as how to resolve things and move forward as a leader in what we hope will be a highly entertaining day,” adds Mr Lawson.

The workshop will also teach delegates how to create a visionary speech by analysing some of Henry’s most famous lines such as the “Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more” speech he made before the battle of Agincourt when defeat looks certain but which inspires and motivates his troops even in adversity.  

It also looks at his battle cry to get people fired up and also what needs to be done by leaders to build bridges, negotiate and mend things after a war.

The workshop takes place on 2nd December 2016 between 9am and 5pm and costs £179 per participant and includes lunch and refreshments. To book please click here or contact sarah.floyd@city.ac.uk (for invoiced bookings).