Shaping a strong Welsh third sector for society

Welsh umbrella body WCVA has published two reports which show that a strong third sector in Wales has a vital role to play in securing a positive future for our society. However, action is needed now to prevent the sector becoming weaker and more fragmented.

Research for the reports explored what global trends might mean for Wales and its third sector. It revealed an increasingly uncertain and complex future, including through globalisation, climate change, fast-changing technology, demographic changes and new relationships between citizens, community groups and public services.

Whether it’s speaking out for the most marginalised, driving local solutions or contributing to a fairer economy, the report challenges the sector to explore how it can shape our future for the better.

WCVA news item for more, or get the reports

  • Shape Your Future – future scenarios: Implications for the third sector in Wales (20 page pdf, 1.7MB).
  • Shape Your Future – future trends: Implications for the third sector in Wales (30 page pdf, 1.4MB).

from their research page.