Scotland says no to Fundraising Preference Service

The new fundraising regulation regime in Scotland is not going to follow the route taken in England and Wales of promoting the use of the imminent Fundraising Preference Service, which will allow people to opt-out of contacts with fundraisers.

The Fundraising Regulator (for England and Wales) has expressed dismay at this decision, according to Third Force News. The Scottish Fundraising Implementation Group, set up to develop a set of standards for the industry in Scotland, is telling Scottish charities they shouldn’t feel they have to engage with the FPS. Sector body SCVO also has a news release on this.

Scottish charity regulator OSCR has its own news item on why the FPS is not being used in Scottish fundraising regulation. This article says:

The Scottish Fundraising Implementation Group which will put the new system into operation looked very closely at the FPS and whether or not the service would be right for the sector in Scotland; a sector which is predominantly made up of small and medium sized organisations.

Looking at the information available and consulting with key partners, there was not sufficient evidence to suggest that the FPS would offer anything over the current legal requirements-– or the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Mail Preference Service (MPS).

Member of the Scottish public are however free to sign up to the FPS. It will cover charities that work across England/Wales and Scotland, where the lead regulator is the Charity Commission (England and Wales).

Northern Ireland arrangements are still pending. Also see Fundraising Regulator on Scotland/NI position.