Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage

New from think-tank New Philanthropy Capital is ‘User voice: Putting people at the heart of impact practice‘. The report explains how charities can best harness the views and needs of their beneficiaries in order to improve their impact. It gives a step-by-step guide, and highlights organisations already adopting various ways of involving and empowering their beneficiaries.

Recognising small charity impact

Recognising the valuable contribution small charities make‘ is a blog from the chief executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation. He sees encouraging a learning culture as the way forward in impact measurement here.

“Over the years I’ve met countless small charities and I am yet to meet one that isn’t interested in improving impact measurement. But they struggle to find any money to fund formal evaluations, so they focus on measures that relate directly to their day-to-day work.”

An interesting discussion of different approaches and what is most appropriate for small local charities.

Getting wider coverage of the sector’s positive impact

NCVO has an update on its Constructive Voices project, launched earlier this year to get wider news publication of the sector’s positive impact.

Over 200 charities, social enterprises and community interest companies have already signed up, but “we need more stories from you about how your organisation is making a positive impact on people’s lives, so we can share them with journalists”. 

More background on developments so far and how to contribute in ‘Add your voice to the growing clamour of Constructive Voices‘.

Third Sector Impact project

The final conference of the (European) Third Sector Impact project was held in Brussels on 9th November.

The issue of improving the visibility of the third sector emerges as the key demand and challenge, according to the project’s own news article ‘Giving the Third Sector the visibility it deserves‘. Some nice graphics. Or read the shorter piece on the NonProfit (xarxanet) website.