Barclays and Cass CCE Launch New Charity Learning Series

7 November 2016 – To mark Barclays’ National Charity Day 2016 (4th November), Barclays and Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) at Cass Business School have announced a series of six national roundtable debates starting in 2017 focusing on key, strategic finance-related questions facing UK charities. These topics will include sustainability, impact and the financial strategies organisations should employ to achieve this.

As key advisors to the charity and non-for-profit sector, Barclays and Cass CCE have jointly identified the need for greater thought and debate about financial issues impacting organisations. They aim to create a forum where complex questions about charity finance can be considered and where insights and learning can be fed back to the sector for enhanced understanding.

At Barclays’ National Charity Day event, delegates voted on the six topics they want to debate, with subjects ranging from sustainability to sector collaboration. The subjects they chose will form the heart of six roundtable lunches and delegates and thought leaders will be invited to these lunches to contribute to healthy discussions.

Charity leaders and influencers in the world of finance will come together to discuss key issues which will result in cutting-edge and financially focused thinking that can be shared with the charity sector. They will run throughout 2017 in several different UK regions and end with a final conference in London.

Opinion pieces focused on the topic of each debate will be created ahead of each event and following a conversation over lunch and a broader debate which will be recorded, insight will be published and shared after each roundtable.

The content of each debate will be brought together in a centrepiece report which will be presented at Barclays’ 2017 National Charities Day.

David McHattie, Barclays’ Head of Charities, said, “One of the key aims of Barclays’ National Charities Day is to share and foster knowledge across the charities and not-for-profit sector.  The launch of the Barclays – Cass Charity Learning Series builds on this, engaging the attendees in a series of events throughout 2017 to share best practice, culminating in a report, to be presented back at National Charities Day next year, focused on upskilling the whole sector.”

Alex Skailes, Director, Cass CCE, said “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Barclays for the Learning Series. The selected topics will all be ones that are closely interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation. The conversations will give us the opportunity to learn from emerging best practise and to tease out the intricacies and complexities that exist. We aim for the debates to inform, educate and create new knowledge.”