Political and policy update

Here are various sector round-ups from the main party conferences, plus some other public policy updates.

Party conference reports

Think tank New Philanthropy Capital was involved in fringe meetings at both the Labour and the Conservative party conferences, and reports back on what they learnt – ‘A view from the 2016 party conferences‘.

Civil Society News reporters also went to both Labour and Conservative events, with separate pieces for each summarising what happened.

NCVO’s summer policy update

There is usually a monthly policy update from NCVO, but there was a lull over the summer. It wasn’t a quiet holiday period though, so an A to Z has been produced in two parts, to catch up. Almost bound to be something here you want to check out, so give it a once-over.

  • Part one. From Apprenticeship levy to the fundraising Levy, with House of Lords select committee and sticking to the Knitting amongst the rest.
  • Part two. From Michael Ashcroft’s polls to zero hour contracts, via Brexit (!), Official warning powers, more.

National Citizen Service – new legislation

Although the National Citizen Service has been in operation for some time, this week the government introduced the National Citizen Service bill into the House of Lords. An NCVO article asks, and answers, so what is it that the bill actually does? One of the answers is that a new body, the National Citizen Service Trust, will be established by Royal Charter.