Workplace people management guide

Workplace relations experts Acas have produced a new guide ‘Managing people’ which advises front line managers about their role and provides guidance on how to approach situations that may arise.

The Acas publicity news item talks about small businesses and large companies, but much of this will of course be applicable to voluntary organisations too. It says that the new guide highlights leadership, people management and strong organisational skills as three key areas where team leaders need strong skills:

  • How to lead and motivate – Managers should know how to build trust and respect with their teams, listen to their concerns and ideas.
  • How to manage tricky situations with people – Typical scenarios could be staff members having family problems, two colleagues accusing each other of bullying, or jealousy in a team over nominations for training and bonuses.
  • Organising day to day tasks – A good manager should be effective at planning team work, rotas, budgets, and balancing their own time.

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