Technical legal issues: trust corporation, change of purpose

As reported by Civil Society News, the Law Commission is consulting on proposals to make it easier for incorporated charities to achieve ‘trust corporation’ status which allows them to sell land they hold in trust.

This is one of two new technical points in a short supplementary consultation paper examining issues that arose during an earlier exercise.

As outlined in Bates Wells Braithwaite Briefing, the other issue is:
1. In relation to changing a charity’s purposes
•    whether to introduce a statutory right for unincorporated charities to change their purposes with Charity Commission consent without needing to establish a cy pres occasion
•    proposing a list of factors that the Charity Commission must consider when it decides whether or not to give its consent to a change of purposes (which would apply to unincorporated charities, and possibly also charitable companies)

Responses required by 31st October. See Law Commission consultation page.