Key issues for community management of green spaces

A new guide ‘Community ownership and management of parks and green spaces’ has been published.

Produced as part of the Community Ownership and Management of Assets (COMA) programme by Shared Assets, it draws upon their experience of supporting many of the green space focused projects that took part in the programme. The guide is split into two main areas, reflecting its target audience:

  • Community organisations and social enterprises considering taking on new responsibilities for parks and green space management.
  • Local authorities considering the future of their parks and green spaces, including those looking to the community to play more of an active role in their management.

For communities, the sections on key issues to consider are headed

  • What are your motivations
  • Think creatively
  • Think about capacity and diversity
  • Think about accountability
  • Be prepared to make your case

Get the guide from the My Community web pages (29 page pdf, 932KB).