Think tank makes proposals on charity governance improvements

Sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital has produced suggestions on how charity governance can be improved, along with the impact of the sector as a whole.

The policy paper recommendations include:

  • Annual reporting by large charities to the Charity Commission (via the Statement of Recommended Practice) should focus on a charity’s impact as well as its financial standing.
  • The same annual reporting should include details on training and evaluation undertaken by the board to develop its own work and remain effective.
  • The Charity Commission should amend guidance on paying trustees and on allowing senior staff to sit on boards, to avoid disincentivising charities from exploring this where they have a reasonable case. This will be especially important to attracting more diverse board membership.

Download ‘It starts from the top’ via the NPC publication page.

Civil Society news coverage gives more of an overview of the contents, with some sector response, and Andrew Purkis gives a critique of the proposal around trustee remuneration in ‘Paying Trustees: Is NPC Thinking Straight?‘.