Fundraising Preference Service full proposals, plus regulator fees fixed

Plans for the Fundraising Preference Service have been published for consultation by the Fundraising Regulator, along with their final response to the Levy and Registration discussion paper and what they will be charging from September.

On the latter,

“small charities will pay less than originally proposed, with the costs covered by slightly higher fees for those charities spending more than £20 million on fundraising.”

The levy to fund the Regulator will apply from 1st September 2016. See the levy discussion page link to ‘FR Response – Registration and Levy’ (6 page Word format, 63KB) for details. If keen, also check Annex A on how the funding pans out (Excel spreadsheet, 13KB).


To ensure adequate scope of control, it is proposed that the FPS applies to charities spending £100,000 a year or more on fundraising. Furthermore, the discussion paper recommends limiting the ability to register a vulnerable third-party member to those with power of attorney or the equivalent, to make certain that appropriate safeguards are in place for a legitimate decision to be made.

Views are also sought on how the FPS is expected to work alongside the Telephone Preference Service and the Mail Preference Service, with charities being offered the opportunity to contact those persons that have donated previously, yet are signed up to existing preference services.

Extracted from this Fundraising Regulator news item.

Views on the FPS proposals are wanted by 30th September – see the FPS Summary Paper currently linked on the ‘Support & Advice For Donors’ page, which is an 11 page Word document, 89KB. The FPS Final Report is also linked there, a longer pdf document (76 pages, 879KB), with terms of reference and focus group research findings too.

For a more digestible overview, see Civil Society News coverage. or its summary of key points in the proposals.