SCVO pushes third sector involvement in human rights

Scotland’s sector body SCVO has launched a #RightApproach campaign, promoting human rights in the third sector.

The introductory article looks at why now, which appears to be largely down to the  UK Government reaffirming plans to press ahead with a British Bill of Rights, replacing the 1998 Human Rights Act.

“The third sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring the rights set out in the document are realised in practice.”

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More meaningful data, more impact

Sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital held a seminar in June about how charities can make their data more meaningful, as part of a series designed to give an introduction to impact measurement.

NPC has put together a briefing bring together the main themes discussed and the advice given, drawing on the questions and experiences of those who attended. It provides practical advice for charities on maximising their use of data and scarce resources, hopefully leading to maximising the work of their organisations. » Continue reading news item ... “More meaningful data, more impact”

Using community group strengths and history to empower the future

A new resource book provides useful materials and exercises to help small community groups and voluntary organisations to reflect on their work and history, and plan for the future based on their strengths and assets.

The guide has been produced by The Volunteer Training Company and Manchester Metropolitan University, with a foreword from the Third Sector Research Centre. Rather than addressing weaknesses, it starts from strengths and what is already there, and how to build on this and use it to sustain work into the future. » Continue reading news item ... “Using community group strengths and history to empower the future”

Reminder, and advice, for small charities on pension auto-enrolment

Charity Finance Group have written a “refresh” blog on pension auto-enrolment for small and micro charities which are coming up to their staging dates.

“All charities that have at least one paid worker will have automatic enrolment duties. Charities need to assess their staff, put those who meet certain criteria into a pension scheme (and make contributions to it), tell them what you’ve done, and complete a declaration of compliance.”

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Blogs on NI charity reporting, data protection

A couple of new blog platforms/articles of interest around charity admin and management.

Impact of new data protection rules

On Scotland’s Third Force News, a partner at MacRoberts LLP has already written an overview of the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) and the potential impact it may have on the third sector – ‘Brexit doesn’t mean charities can forget about data protection‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Blogs on NI charity reporting, data protection”

Next steps for Gift Aid – small donations, intermediaries

HM Revenue and Customs has published (pdf, 212KB) a summary of responses to the recent consultation on simplification of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS). This also includes the government’s views on the responses and the consequent next steps proposed.

The proposed action is to:

•    remove the two year rule and the Gift Aid history requirement.
•    include contactless payments.
•    amend the community buildings rules to allow donations received outside of the community building but within the same local authority area in which the community building is based. » Continue reading news item ... “Next steps for Gift Aid – small donations, intermediaries”