Use and views of charity in the street

A new report from Charities Aid Foundation looks at the levels of charity use across the UK, and also public trust in and awareness of the sector.

CAF’s news release on ‘Charity Street II: A report into how we use charities in the UK’ leads with

People living in the UK’s most deprived areas use fewer charities than those living in the most advantaged areas, but they are the more likely to view them as essential or very important to their lives.

The news release also including key findings.

Civil Society News coverage highlights that almost a quarter of people are not aware that services they had used were run by charities.

Civil Society News also has a connected piece from CAF’s campaign manager, which asks “How can we enhance the role that charities play, and further develop public and political support for their contribution?” The summarised reply:

  • Firstly, it’s important that government uses charities to ensure that people are not left behind.
  • Secondly, we need to protect the advocacy role of charities so that they can continue providing a voice to the marginalised.
  • Thirdly, charities need to do more to raise awareness of their special status in society.

The data in this report is based on the Charity Street 2016 survey which collected information about service use from adults aged 18 and over, as part of Populus’s online omnibus in February. A similar survey was carried out in 2014.

Direct link to publications page – the report is a 19 page pdf, 904KB.

Further reading: VoluntaryNews covered the first September 2014 edition ‘The value of charity to British households‘.