Sector bodies creating charity communication tools

A good place for Scottish charities

Scottish voluntary sector body SCVO has created a new website as “a space where good causes and the public can come together, share and learn from each other”.

The Good HQ platform is in its beta, pre-launch, phase and feedback on how it works is encouraged. It aims to enables people to:

  • share your passion for the causes you care about.
  • discover opportunities to get involved and causes to support.
  • listen to the first-hand experiences of service users.

Fundraising UK has some background and sector comment.

This is part of SCVO’s efforts to improve trust and transparency in the sector.

‘How charities work’ is in the works

England’s sector body NCVO is due to launch a website later this summer explaining how charities work. This will be accompanied by a communications toolkit for charities to help them respond to common questions from the public. As reported by Civil Society News.

An NCVO article ‘What’s next on public trust and confidence in charities?‘ has some more background to this.