Options for NI fundraising regulation

The future of fundraising regulation for Northern Ireland has so far been left to one side in the developments for England and Wales, and separately for Scotland.

Northern Ireland’s sector body NICVA has now said that it

“will engage with the sector on this issue and will seek responses by 30 September 2016 to help inform a recommendation for a way forward in Northern Ireland.”

The article gives “An overview of the background to fundraising regulation and the advantages and disadvantages of different models of fundraising self-regulation for Northern Ireland.”

The three options set out are:

  • Join with the new Fundraising Regulator for England and Wales.
  • Set up our own NI Fundraising Regulator.
  • Enhance role of CCNI to include fundraising regulation.

There is an event on 9th September to discuss the options. (Note: CCNI = Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.)

The Fundraising Regulator’s website notes that “Decisions on arrangements for fundraising regulation in Northern Ireland are expected to be taken in the autumn.”