Little change in volunteering rates in England

The latest results from the government’s Community Life Survey update the most reliable data available on rates of volunteering in England. It showed no significant change over the previous year, with 41% of people reporting volunteering formally (through a group, club, or organisation) at least once a year. Over a quarter did so at least once a month.

For more information see this article from NCVO’s head of research. Among other issues discussed, this points out that the decreasing sample size means the comparison between years for any particular sub-groups (such as for young people) needs to be treated with caution.

Further sector statistics

Recent Welsh volunteering research from WCVA was covered in VoluntaryNews piece ‘Wales as a volunteering nation‘.

The House of Commons Library has published an introductory guide ‘Sources of Statistics: Charities, social action and civil society‘. Nothing new or startling in the 2 page pdf! (Source: Bates Wells Braithwaite briefing)