Bold and imaginative response to changing times needed from charities

Sector think tank NPC has published the first report from its ‘State of the Sector’ programme, which aims to inject new thinking and ideas about how sector leaders can respond to the changing environment.

The report ‘Boldness in times of change’ makes the case for a bold and imaginative response.

“We believe that there is both an opportunity and a necessity for charities, social enterprises and funders to rethink how they use the resources available to them, to reimagine how they are supported and to refresh their approach to leadership.”

Civil Society News coverage leads with the report’s warning that the sector lacks a feedback loop as a “mechanism for accountability to beneficiaries” that exists for both the state and market, and  must work to be more accountable and transparent.

Get the report from NPC publication page.

Further reading

A related article on the NPC website, ‘Putting people first, not problems‘ says that some organisations are already seeking to invert the traditional model of charity by looking beyond the problems people are facing and focusing on their strengths and assets. The example discussed here is that of homelessness charity Mayday Trust.