Examining counter-terrorism impact on charity banking

The government is to convene a working group to look at the implications of counter terrorism legislation on the funding and delivery of humanitarian assistance, including the closing of charity bank accounts. The working group will include charities and NGOs as well as members of the banking sector and key government departments.

As reported by Civil Society News, the Treasury’s key aim is to build a shared understanding of the specific contexts in which NGOs operate, and concerns regarding funding flows. » Continue reading news item ... “Examining counter-terrorism impact on charity banking”

Learning and Empowering funds for children, young people and families

£2 million project fund now open for applications

Applications to the £2 million Children, Young People and Families and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Project Fund (CYFEIF and ALEC Fund) are now open.  The Scottish Government has made project funding available to the third sector to support preventative work with children, young people and families.  The project fund covers two years from April 2017 to March 2019 and will focus on projects that:

  • Promote parenting and family skills
  • Contribute to reducing the educational attainment gap
  • Improve life chances for looked after children
  • Improve the safety of children and young people

The CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund is already supporting 116 charities. » Continue reading news item ... “Learning and Empowering funds for children, young people and families”

Leaving the EU – more charity updates

A selection of items relating to the vote to leave the European Union, various sources and times. (Link to our initial news coverage).

NCVO has followed on from its initial briefing about the implications of Brexit for charities with ‘five things charities can consider doing in response‘.

BOND, the network for international development organisations, wrote ‘Brexit: what now for international development? » Continue reading news item ... “Leaving the EU – more charity updates”

Options for NI fundraising regulation

The future of fundraising regulation for Northern Ireland has so far been left to one side in the developments for England and Wales, and separately for Scotland.

Northern Ireland’s sector body NICVA has now said that it

“will engage with the sector on this issue and will seek responses by 30 September 2016 to help inform a recommendation for a way forward in Northern Ireland.”

 » Continue reading news item ... “Options for NI fundraising regulation”

Sector bodies creating charity communication tools

A good place for Scottish charities

Scottish voluntary sector body SCVO has created a new website as “a space where good causes and the public can come together, share and learn from each other”.

The Good HQ platform is in its beta, pre-launch, phase and feedback on how it works is encouraged. It aims to enables people to:

  • share your passion for the causes you care about.
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