Updated fundraising guidance emphasises effective oversight

The Charity Commission has released its revised guidance for charity boards on fundraising from the public – ‘Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties’ (CC20).

The Commission news release headline is “Trustees must ensure fundraising reflects their charity’s values”.

“The new guidance is part of the Commission’s response to some of the high profile problems identified about the fundraising practice by some charities and agencies they had employed over the past year.”

The Charity Commission emphasises the need for boards to have effective oversight over fundraising and focus on donor care, and the guidance is intended to give charity trustees the necessary confidence and information.

Link for the guidance publication page – CC20 is available in web (html) format or pdf download, and there is also a pdf checklist for trustees.

Civil Society News coverage has more background, and includes the mention of a practical toolkit to come later this summer via the Institute of Fundraising that “will provide practical advice and support for trustees involved in fundraising within their charity”.

There is also a connected Charity Commission blog ‘How trustees can restore donor trust’. Rather than dwelling on the mistakes

“we hope it will offer a framework for a step change in charities’ approaches to fundraising”


“But we cannot escape the fact that fundraising is often complex. If fundraising is too complex for trustees to understand, they can’t simply turn a blind eye.”

For an alternative view on the new guidance, from the perspective that the key audience is larger charities with staff including fundraising Departments, see this Andrew Purkis article.