Sayer Vincent and Charity Finance Group launch new guide to risk

Sayer Vincent, the leading UK charity audit and consulting firm, has written ‘Rethinking Risk – Beyond the tick box’ for the Charity Finance Group.

Jonathan Orchard, partner at Sayer Vincent, says: “The ideas presented in this publication use existing management tools, actions and reports to help the board to see how and where risk is already being managed. Integrating risk management into everyday organisational life makes sense – it’s what we are already doing.”

Key messages in this guide:

  • Risk management should be integrated with other management processes such as planning rather than treated as a stand-alone exercise
  • Risk registers are limited in scope, but can help to communicate a complex picture if used properly
  • It’s more important to think about how you will report to the board on how risks are being managed, rather than producing long lists of risks
  • Having the right culture is crucial for any organisation – the attitude and behaviour of your people determines your risk profile and your exposure to risk
  • Reputation permeates every aspect of organisational life – think about how you can build up a positive reputation

sayer vincent logoKate Sayer, partner at Sayer Vincent says: “Context is everything in risk management. If your organisation’s purpose requires you to take risks, but you have a culture that is risk averse – you have a problem. Getting risk culture right is a ‘no-brainer’ and yet it is rarely on the board agenda.”

The 64-page publication can be viewed or downloaded  for free from the Sayer Vincent website.