More resources from Volunteers Week

A second round-up of useful and/or interesting items published in connection with Volunteers Week 2016.

Voluntary Organisations Disability Group and National Care Forum have published an updated second edition of their volunteer management toolkit. This is designed to support frontline managers to create volunteer roles which enable people to make a real difference to local social care services and also looks at how to take an inclusive approach to volunteering. Read a connected Huffington Post article or see the VODG news item., which a link for the toolkit (pdf, 6.2MB, can be slow to download).

Locality’s MyCommunity website has a new post 10 benefits of becoming a volunteer.

Volunteer Glasgow is calling on its local charities, public bodies and the private sector to sign up to to a Volunteering Charter, aimed at increasing volunteering opportunities across the city. See Third Force News.

Money is not the only barrier to a a charity receiving professional help. Smaller organisations can struggle to find the time to analyse what help is needed, find good volunteers and then bring them up to speed. On NCVO’s blog pages, ‘No time to take on a volunteer? Five reasons to do so‘ is written by the chief executive of LawWorks (the solicitors pro bono group).

Research carried out for Join In, the Olympic and Paralympic legacy charity, looks at how behavioural science can persuade more people to give their time and volunteer, with a focus on sport. Launched in early May, there is a recent news item written by Justin Davis Smith. Or request the summary ‘Making Time’ (basic registration required, 247KB pdf) – this 2 sided poster also introduce GIVERS, a “practical new tool for everyone with an interest in recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers both within sport and beyond it”.

Also see VoluntaryNews first round-up ‘Resources from volunteers week‘ for this year.