Making the most of crowdfunding for good causes

A new report by innovation charity Nesta, in partnership with NCVO, explores opportunities and challenges in crowdfunding for good causes, and how more charities and community groups can be supported to make the most of this.

‘Crowdfunding good causes’ is based on interviews with UK crowdfunding platforms and a survey of more than 450 charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs.

The publication page includes recommendations, plus key findings such as

  • Crowdfunding makes up less than 0.5 per cent of giving in the UK, but has significant potential to fund projects with a social purpose.
  • The main challenges are a potential negative impact on equality and participation in projects, too much focus on short-term initiatives rather than long-term projects.
  • Also crowdfunding is hard and there are significant limits to what can be raised.

The report itself is a 51 page, 2.2MB pdf download (which would like to go full screen) – some may find the use of low contrast text in various parts, particularly on the summary, a pain.

VoluntaryNews covered another recent crowdfunding resource in April: Tips for charity crowdfunding success.