Impact of referendum vote on the charity sector

The large amount of hot air around the EU referendum is likely to continue for some time, with the exact process and consequences of leaving after 40 plus years of regulatory developments not being easy or quick to clarify. It is however safe to assume that very little will change immediately around regulations of relevance to the voluntary sector. Funding connected with Europe, or hit by economic turmoil, may be a different matter. » Continue reading news item ... “Impact of referendum vote on the charity sector”

Tools for managing risk in charities

Charity audit and consulting firm Sayer Vincent has written a new guide for Charity Finance Group ‘Rethinking Risk – Beyond the tick box’. This takes existing management tools, actions and reports to help the board to see how and where risk is already being managed.

More about the publication in this news release on VoluntaryNews website, or go direct to  Sayer Vincent’s publications page for the download link – it’s a 64 page pdf, 777KB.

Trust in charities surveyed around the UK

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) has published its latest research into trust and confidence in charities. This finds a fall to the lowest recorded level since monitoring began in 2005.

The report attributes the fall to

“critical media coverage of charity practices, distrust about how charities spend donations, and a lack of knowledge among the public about where their donations go. Perceptions of aggressive fundraising tactics have also contributed to the decline in trust.”

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Challenges and innovation for global civil society

The latest annual review of civil society around the world has been published by Civicus, looking at its working conditions and drawing on a range of perspectives from experts and activists.

As reported by Civil Society News, last year was a dismal one for civil society around the world, seeing widespread demonisation of civil society activists.

Civicus’s own news release gives key points as

  • Addressing exclusion is an urgent political issue, which gained renewed emphasis with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.
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New annual return for English and Welsh charities

The Charity Commission has released the latest annual return for charities to complete, which is available in Welsh as well as English for the first time.

“All registered charities with an income of more than £10,000 and all Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) reporting on their financial years ending in 2016 must complete the online form within 10 months of the end of their financial year.

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