Working with academics to influence public policy and practice

A new report produced by Carnegie UK Trust, ‘InterAction’ asks “How can academics and the third sector work together to influence policy and practice?”.

Academic institutions should no longer be considered the sole producers of all knowledge when it comes to creating policy and those carrying out services, such as charities, have a valuable input into discussions.

Carnegie consulted with stakeholders across the UK with round table events in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Newcastle, as well as drawing on existing research.

The report:

  • explores the different approaches of both sectors to knowledge and evidence;
  • investigates the obstacles and challenges to collaboration; highlights examples of successful interactions;
  • and makes a series of recommendations to those in the third sector, academia and the research funding councils as to how more positive collaboration can be encourage.

As covered in Third Force News or download the report (pdf, 887KB) via the Carnegie Trust publication page.