Using social media in the workplace

Employment relations experts Acas feature under ‘Resources’ rather than ‘Admin’ for a change.

The news release ‘New Acas research reveals that employers have fears around social media use in the workplace‘ is based on a new research paper ‘Going Digital? Harnessing Social Media for Employee Voice’ (download it via their news items).

They find that many employers are keen to exploit social media to promote their business but far fewer use it to engage with their staff.

“Using social media more widely as a communication channel in the workplace can help staff work more effectively together and it offers opportunities to get colleagues talking and sharing ideas in real-time and in any location.”

Tips from Acas include:

  • develop a supportive culture of employee voice
  • trust staff and accept that they cannot control everything
  • ensure that senior leaders champion the positive use of social media
  • have a robust social media policy outlining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.