Sayer Vincent’s 2016 financial training for Birmingham charities and social enterprises

Sayer Vincent, a leading UK charity accounting and audit firm, has announced its 2016 programme of practical training workshops for charity finance professionals and trustees in the Birmingham and Midlands regions.

A range of important and topical finance issues will be covered in the seminar series which starts on 10 May with an interactive session on how to prepare charity accounts.

Other topics in the series include how to be a good trustee, VAT made simple, Tax for fundraisers and arts organisations, as well as a session on how to read charity accounts.

The programme line up is as follows:

  • Preparing charity accounts – 10 May 2016
  • How to be a good trustee – 19 May 2016
  • VAT made simple – 29 June 2016
  • Tax for arts organisations – 13 July 2016
  • Tax for fundraisers – 8 November 2016
  • Reading charity accounts – 17 November 2016

All seminars and training sessions are free for Sayer Vincent clients to attend. Non clients can attend for a fee of £75 plus VAT for half day seminars and £150 plus VAT for full day training courses. The firm is now offering a special 2-4-1 promotion on the following training events: How to be a good trustee, VAT made simple and Tax for arts organisations.

Sayer Vincent is also running two full-day training sessions in Birmingham in partnership with the Charity Finance Group (CFG). The first session on 18 May 2016 entitled, ‘Good controls and preventing fraud’ is suitable for anyone in finance who is responsible for designing and implementing financial controls for their organisation.

The second session takes place on 24 November 2016 will look at, ‘Transforming your finance function’. This practical course focuses on giving people the tools they need to develop the way they manage the finance function. Attendees will learn about improving working relationships and communication across the organisation in areas of financial processing, reporting and decision-making in order to deliver an excellent service to the organisation.

The price for these sessions is £98 for CFG charity members and £128 for non CFG charity members.

Kate Sayer, partner at Sayer Vincent says, “There are a growing number of charities and social enterprises in the Birmingham and Midlands regions who may be interested in our training courses. We will cover some of the major accounting and tax issues charity finance professionals need to understand. Our interactive and informative sessions are designed to make technical topics really accessible for both experienced finance people and those new to the sector.

We will bring them up to date on key issues and the latest thinking and give them tools to develop their skills and knowledge, improve the finance function and raise the credibility of finance in their organisations.”

To book the seminars, please visit