Project to build better charity governance has Bubb in driving seat

The CEO of ACEVO, the body for charity chief executives, has announced that he is standing down from his current role to lead a new Charity Futures Programme, “to build better governance”.

A philanthropist is funding this loosely framed but in-depth piece of research into the state of governance and leadership in the charity sector (as described in Civil Society News coverage), after hearing Stephen Bubb speak on the lessons of the Kids Company debacle.

Bubb’s piece on why he is making this move has appeared across the sector press – link to The Guardian’s version – as well as his blog. A more worthwhile read, perhaps, is the Civil Society News interview.

ACEVO’s news release has more about the Charity Futures Programme.

“The aim of the CFP will be to examine how the capacity of the sector can be supported by the development of leadership and governance. It will have a view to identifying changes to help deliver greater long term sustainability in an era of rising social need.”