Options in proportionate evaluation

New from sector consultancy NPC is a guide to “help you think through what proportionate and meaningful evaluation design looks like for your organisation”. And DSC has a short article on “assessing the impact of your volunteers”.

The guide draws on the literature on standards of evidence while arguing that standards only help to answer some, not all, of what an an organisation needs to consider.

“This paper builds on our previous work around impact measurement and evaluation, including our four pillar approach and our paper on using qualitative research. It takes a broad focus on evaluation (which includes impact measurement as well as other forms of evaluation) and addresses wider questions that charities may ask when thinking about evaluation design.”

Get ‘Balancing act: A guide to proportionate evaluation‘ from NPC’s web page.

Assessing volunteers impact

Directory of Social Change has a new short article from Joanna Stuart of the Institute for Volunteering Research ‘Managing volunteers: Assessing the impact of your volunteers‘ – five key principles to help you do it well.