No extra Gift Aid step required for online giving?

VoluntaryNews reported last week that HM Revenue and Customs has added a section on ‘Digital giving and social giving accounts’ to its Gift Aid guidance.

An HMRC official later announced the new material with an accompanying suggestion that in future there would be a  “pre-donation questionnaire” as an extra step for the online donor to complete – Civil Society News report. This idea was labelled by sector bodies as “completely ridiculous” and damaging to giving – further Civil Society coverage.

An HMRC spokeswoman has now told them

“HMRC’s position on Gift Aid donations, made via digital intermediaries, remains unchanged – we are working closely with intermediaries to help them improve their processes to maximise the gift aid claimed on eligible donations. We are committed to simplifying giving to increase gift aid on eligible donations.

“Internal processes are a matter for individual intermediaries – there is no question of HMRC imposing new requirements on intermediaries or charities”.

So no need to start worrying about such a requirement quite yet, then.