New powers and new sector minister for Scotland’s government

New minister for Scottish voluntary sector

The new secretary for communities, social security and equalities in the Scottish Government is Angela Constance. Third Force News coverage on her appointment, and the rest of the new cabinet, points out that as well as being responsible for the third sector she will also be overseeing the large task of implementing the new welfare powers being devolved to Scotland.

TFN has a further piece with the minister answering 10 questions. One extract, in connection with supporting sector groups experiencing financial hardship:

“… I’d like to take steps to consolidate voluntary sector funding into single grant funds to provide greater clarity to applicants. I’d also like to give organisations more financial certainty by introducing three year rolling funding where possible and we will continue to help third sector organisations compete for public sector contracts and offer business support.”

Link to the Scottish Government’s full list of ministers, responsibilities and biographies. Also see earlier VoluntaryNews item ‘New powers and new sector minister for Scotland’s government‘.

New powers for Scottish politicians

Various sections of the Scotland Act 2016 came in from 23rd May, giving the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament further powers. From Scottish Government news release:

Many of these powers allow for legislation to be taken forward in areas including equal opportunities, consumer advocacy and advice, competition and transport.

The social security powers which are being devolved will be transferred at a later date, while most of tax powers which are being transferred will also take practical effect at a later date.

See the news release for some more detail.