New charity law provisions from July

A timetable has been published for the implementation of the different sections of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016.

The Charity Commission has written a blog article ‘How will the new Charities Act affect your charity?‘. This includes:

“Many of the Act’s provisions help to address gaps in the Charity Commission’s protective powers and will only affect a relatively small number of charities and individuals. .. However, it also makes a few significant changes – most notably on disqualification – of which all charities will need to be aware.”

The majority of the Act is due to be implemented in July, including the Charity Commission’s power to investigate and suspend trustees, remove disqualified trustees, and direct the winding up of a charity. Also reserve powers to control fund-raising, social investment matters. Civil Society News coverage.

October is due to see the official warning and fundraising provisions. Those on automatic disqualification from being a trustee and participation in corporate decisions while disqualified are due in April 2017.

The Charity Commission has already opened a consultation on the use of its new disqualification powers.

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