Local early action for better results

Community Links and the New Economics Foundation have published a new briefing ‘Local early action: lessons from the UK’s first Early Action Commission’. This

“sets out a bold new model for thinking about how we can act earlier in different localities. It draws on learning from the UK’s first Early Action Commission, based in Southwark and Lambeth, and aims to share insights from how it worked in their area, and therefore how it might be approached elsewhere too.”

Early action is about investing in measures that prevent harm, rather than waiting to pick up the pieces when things go wrong. The briefing shows how councils and their local health partners can “start to shift investment and action ‘upstream’ to support preventative activities that enable people to thrive, contribute more and cost less”.

See NEF’s blog ‘Stop problems before they need solving‘ for background, or a Community Links piece from Community Southwark which focuses on what has been achieved since the Commission was set up. Both have links to the report, a 1MB pdf download.