Beginner’s guide to social investment

As reported by Civil Society News, a beginner’s guide to social investment has been produced by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School, after finding that many charities “do not understand what it is”.

Available from the Centre’s Tools for Success resource page (pdf, 467KB), the new guide will

“help you to understand social investment and how you can use it in your funding mix. It also includes a diagnostic tool that you can use to think about social investment.”

They would like those making use of the resource to complete a short questionnaire in return. This will help them to map out the social investment landscape and determine how they can support the sector.

Social investment and small charities

The second in a series of briefings on learning from charity experiences of social investment has been published by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research. It gives early findings and emerging themes from the 15 small charities involved so far. The report is in pdf, 346KB.

Wrong type of funding from social investment provider

Charity Finance Group’s head of policy and engagement has said that social investment provider Big Society Capital is not delivering the right types of funding and should change its operating model. See Civil Society News article.