Some Charity Commission board members stay, new ones needed too

Government minister Matt Hancock has announced a number of re-appointments to the Charity Commission board (England and Wales) plus a recruitment process for 3 new members.

The government news release lists the four re-appointed:

  • Eryl Besse (to 31 December 2018)
  • Orlando Fraser QC (to 31 December 2017)
  • Tony Leifer (to 31 December 2018)
  • Gwythian Prins (to 1 June 2017)

More on the current full make up of the board and its committees. » Continue reading news item ... “Some Charity Commission board members stay, new ones needed too”

Cass Business School Launches Free Guide to Social Investment

Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) has launched a free guide to social investment, which is part of its ‘Tools for Success’ series, together with a diagnostic toolkit to help charities decide if social investment is right for them.

This accessible and informative guide, funded by City Bridge Trust, will help nonprofits think through social investment, whether they are investment ready and how they can consider using it as part of their funding options to deliver sustainability and impact. » Continue reading news item ... “Cass Business School Launches Free Guide to Social Investment”

‘Project Wolf’ helps restore Highland woodland

Project Wolf – a unique new conservation programme in which volunteers replicate the natural disturbance effects of Scotland’s extinct predators – has been launched in the Highlands near Loch Ness by Trees for Life.

Project Wolf is being trialled at the charity’s acclaimed Dundreggan Conservation Estate in Glenmoriston, Inverness-shire, lying to the west of Loch Ness. It involves volunteers operating in teams of three ‘wolves’, regularly walking through the ancient woodlands during the night and at dusk and dawn, creating disturbance that will keep deer on the move. » Continue reading news item ... “‘Project Wolf’ helps restore Highland woodland”

New charity law provisions from July

A timetable has been published for the implementation of the different sections of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016.

The Charity Commission has written a blog article ‘How will the new Charities Act affect your charity?‘. This includes:

“Many of the Act’s provisions help to address gaps in the Charity Commission’s protective powers and will only affect a relatively small number of charities and individuals.

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Welcome moves to transparency in public grants and contracts

Sector umbrella NCVO has welcomed new government commitments to use open contracting and to improve the data it publishes on grant making. The 2016-18 Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) was launched during the recent Anti-Corruption Summit.

NCVO’s article says:

We believe that this exciting transparency development could improve public services in a number of ways.  It will increase government accountability for its spending decisions by making it easier for citizens, voluntary sector organisations and parliament to monitor where funding goes.

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Preparing charities for data protection reform

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the EU on 24th May. However, member states have until 25th May 2018 to apply it.

Charity solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite have an overview of the new European Data Protection law, covering ‘What are the main changes charities need to be aware of?’ and ‘What should charities be doing now?’.

The Information Commissioner’s Office Data Protection Reform web pages are also worth consulting – the separate website seems to be offline at present. » Continue reading news item ... “Preparing charities for data protection reform”