Updates on new online charity registration services

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) has now stated that any online applications to register that have been started using its old system need to be completed and submitted before 14th July.

As covered earlier this month, a revised online registration service for new charities was recently launched in ‘public beta’. This now appears to be the default process.

See the Commission’s How to register a charity (CC21b).

NI new form delayed

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has, in contrast, announced a slight delay to its updated online charity registration application form. This is now not expected to be available until late May/early June. See our previous news item for links.

Commission News

The Spring 2016 newsletter from the Charity Commission is also out. It has articles on:

  • updated reserves guidance.
  • new online registration service.
  • managing financial difficulties.
  • new draft guidance for funding non-charitable organisations.

Most of the articles have already been covered here, apart from the last item. A joint response to the draft guidance by a number of sector bodies welcomed its as a good starting point, but had some concerns including that confused wording could inhibit good practice – see Civil Society News article.