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Recent articles on the new international Nonprofit portal include some with a clear UK base, but others have a wider focus.

Mentoring and social entrepreneurship

The coordinator of SESAME, a European project on mentoring and social entrepreneurship, shares some of the lessons learned.

The SESAME project (Social Enterprise by Synergy and the Added value of youth Mentoring in Europe) is a strategic alliance between six countries, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. Its objective is “to link the mentorship and social entrepreneurship with the university and vocational training students”.

Measuring social impact

New pathways to measuring social impact‘ addresses “how to better assess entire service fields and third sector activities”.

One key insight from a review of the practice of ‘Social Return on Investment’ is that the aspects which are hardest to measure and to attribute to organisational activities were the most severely underdeveloped.

This applies to those dimensions of impact that strongly defy pricing such as the strengthening of social networks, political participation or shared cultural norms. Paradoxically these represent the very ‘raison d’être’ of most social purpose organisations and if measurement neglects them, it is missing the point.

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