New Welsh volunteering code of practice

Welsh sector umbrella body WCVA has published a new ‘Code of practice for organisations involving volunteers’.

The bilingual poster replaces the Code of Practice for Involving Volunteers, written in 1997 by Wales Volunteering Forum. Its successor, the Wales Volunteering Policy Network, has reviewed and refreshed the Code, to take account of the expectations of UK quality standard ‘Investing in Volunteers’ and the Welsh Government’s 2015 Volunteering Policy.

WCVA’s Volunteering Development Manager says

The principles in this Code of Practice ..are based on principles of good management and social justice. The Code is less detailed than the practices set out in the Investing in Volunteers standard, and it is applicable to a wider range of organisations.

WCVA news item or download the A2 poster (pdf, 78KB) by clicking on link on their volunteer resources page.