Health, faith and social action

Some research and resources on health and care, faith and health, faith and social action.

Voluntary sector strengths needed in health and care

New from think tank NPC, ‘Untapped potential: Bringing the voluntary sector’s strengths to health and care transformation‘. With the health and care system in a state of flux, the voluntary and community sector needs to make a strategic case for its inclusion in the design and delivery of the future health system.

“Our research for the Richmond Group of Charities and partners to inform their Doing the Right Thing project—which aims to shape health and care system reform by showcasing the voluntary and community sector’s value. We assessed the strength of evidence available and developed frameworks to provide a shared language.”

Civil Society News covers this under the heading ‘NHS is failing to tap into full potential of health charities, report claims’.

Evaluating working in health

Recently published by Faith Action, ‘Making the Case for Faith and Health: How faith-based organisations can evaluate their work’, giving guidance and links to resources. Available in web format (html) or pdf (1.3MB).

Faith groups responding to local needs

Third Sector Research Centre has produced ‘Belief in Social Action: Exploring faith groups responses to local needs‘, in the context of continuing austerity measures and welfare reform. This is a joint initiative with the Faith based Regeneration Network and the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion. Briefing paper pdf 1.2MB, Working paper pdf 783KB.