Government urges sector voice on referendum, but not elsewhere

As reported by Civil Society News, the government has indicated that it will exempt researchers and academics from the anti-advocacy clause in grant contracts, but not charities. See previous VoluntaryNews coverage on grant lobbying restrictions for background.

Separately, the civil society minister has urged charities to speak up in the EU referendum debate. Report in The Guardian, where NCVO’s director of policy pointed out that “his remarks set a notably different tone from that of the Charity Commission”, which had said that charities should only get involved in exceptional circumstances.

See previous VoluntaryNews ‘Commission guidance on EU referendum gets ‘helpful’ revision‘. Also The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network has added (21st April) an article ‘Campaigning in the EU referendum: what charities need to know‘, by a partner at charity legal specialists Bates Wells Braithwaite.

Electoral Commission update

The eighth update for EU referendum campaigners has been published by the Electoral Commission.

VoluntaryNews readers with an interest in this will already be up to speed no doubt *, but the update includes information on the appointment of designated lead campaigners, start of the referendum period (15th April), the register of campaigners and where you can find further information.

There is also an updated ‘EU Referendum spending rules – how your organisation’s activities may be affected’ guide.

See the Commission’s non-party campaigners page for links.

* For instance our piece ‘EU referendum campaign guidance now mentions charities‘.