eSolidar – disrupting how charities fundraise online

What is the problem?

We live in a world where we use the internet to shop, date and socialise, yet, only 15% of charitable giving in the UK occurs online.

Meanwhile, 97% of UK charities are micro, small or medium. It’s time for them to realise their full potential.

Bigger charities have specialised fundraising teams who can put time and resources into attracting funds, but the small to medium size charities find that fundraising dominates their activities and influences what they are able to achieve. A vicious cycle is created, keeping small charities small and maintaining the gap of success between bigger and smaller charities.

Why does it matter?

Social problems are massive in scale, but the charities that fight against them are tiny by comparison.

There is a disconnection. Traditional fundraising models have not yet been disrupted and charitable giving is fragmented.

We see this as an opportunity for charities.

What is the solution?

eSolidar is a pioneering new online fundraising platform that’s revolutionising traditional fundraising, providing a hassle-free solution to charities that want to raise money.

eSolidar allows people to support the charitable causes that they really care about via shopping, selling, donating and bidding on ‘auctions for good’.

Who are we?

At eSolidar we are a dynamic team who are passionate about developing new technology and creating social impact. Our focus is to harness digital tools to create an online community that benefits charities of all sizes around the world.

Our goal is to give these charities the opportunity that technology offers, to enhance their fundraising strategies and their ability to engage with individuals no matter how big or small their charities are.

Since launching in Portugal in 2014 we have 36,000 registered users and have helped 269 charities to raise £81,000. But this is just the beginning. With a new, improved website and new team members in the UK, we are ready to welcome you to find out what is now possible for your charity.