Debating charity governance following the media storm

The new independent chair of the Steering Group which oversees the charity Code of Good Governance has a feature article in ICSA’s Governance and Compliance web pages, ‘April 2016 A turning point‘. Sub-title: Time to challenge the status quo of charity governance.

She explores what she thinks needs to happen in the “governance debate” following recent high profile media attention on (perceived) sector failures, pending the Steering Group developing its plans in the next few weeks.

Some extracts:

First, the Code needs to expand on the relationship between good governance and the shifting expectations on transparency and accountability.

Second, there needs to be a focus on board behaviours, culture and dynamics.

Another example to learn from is the Senior Independent Director (SID) role found in the corporate sector. … (They) serve as a sounding board for the chair and act as an intermediary for the other directors (trustees). (And are also there in case normal channels fail.)

The latter would be more relevant to large charities, perhaps? The issue of board tenure limits, particularly with reference to Kids Company, is also mentioned.