Analysis of faith-based charities, charities in education

New NPC publications on charities in education, faith-based charities. And an (unconnected) event.

Charities in the school system

New from sector think tank NPC is ‘School report: How can charities work best in the school system?‘.

The discussion paper examines the role of charities within the school system in England, with the focus on primary, secondary and post-16 education. It identifies areas where charities can improve educational, emotional and social outcomes for children and young people and draw together the benefits and challenges.

Assessing the faith-based charity sector

NPC has been running a research programme into faith-based charities and has produced an initial analysis showing that they represent over a quarter of charities in Great Britain.

NPC plans to undertake further analysis, for instance examining charitable income by faith, geographical distribution, trends in the size and shape of the faith-based sector. This will be accompanied by a survey.

See ‘Understanding faith-based charities‘, or the accompanying blog ‘Keeping faith in data‘, looking at NPC’s own challenges in finding and processing the data.

Faith in Social Action

Separately, an event ‘Faith in Social Action: Where Next?’ is being held in London on 24th May: A day conference for faith based practitioners, third sector leaders, researchers and policy makers. It is hosted by Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, the Faith based Regeneration Network and the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion.

Event flyer in pdf, 243KB.