Fundraising Regulator and Pref Service progress

The chair of the Fundraising Preference Service Working Group has written an article on NCVO’s web pages ‘The Fundraising Preference Service conversations: Food for thought‘. He provides an update on the progress in developing the ideas for the FPS, and the recurring themes that have been discussed.

The Fundraising Regulator has also just launched its website, logo and branding, as its gears up to being fully operational by early summer. » Continue reading news item ... “Fundraising Regulator and Pref Service progress”

Understanding Lords committee on charity governance

Following the announcement that the House of Lords would have a new ‘ad hoc’ committee on charity sector governance for the next parliamentary session *, NCVO’s parliamentary bod has put together ‘Lords ad hoc committees – everything charities and campaigners need to know‘.

The new session starts after the Queens Speech on 18th May, which means committee membership could be announced in June, and the first meetings by July. » Continue reading news item ... “Understanding Lords committee on charity governance”

Sector networks, animated facts, social media

Some research items on voluntary sector networks, social media use and animated sector stats.

Learning from regional network G:Up

New from Third Sector Research Centre is ‘The Story of G:Up; a regional third sector network’. The working paper provides a critical reflection on the story of G:Up, a regional infrastructure network which aimed to support voluntary organisations working with children and young people in the West Midlands, which was funded from 2003 to 2012. » Continue reading news item ... “Sector networks, animated facts, social media”

Thumbs up for Scottish regulator, concerns south of the border

Tenth birthday celebrations for Scottish regulator

Scotland’s charity regulator has just celebrated its tenth birthday, with the Scottish public seeing it as playing an essential and important role in society. Regulator OSCR also enjoys high trust and support from the organisations it oversees.

As reported in Third Force News, or see OSCR’s own celebratory piece for some facts and figures, reflections on its impact and its future. » Continue reading news item ... “Thumbs up for Scottish regulator, concerns south of the border”

Data portal on Irish charities in beta

A preview of a new online service about Irish Civil Society has been launched. Aiming to make Irish nonprofits more accessible and more transparent to the public, Benefacts repurposes data that is already in the public domain to create a giant database.

VoluntaryNews’ favourite Irish sector expert at Whitebarn Consulting gives her take on the process and progress, and whether it is a positive development, in ‘Benefacts: beneficial‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Data portal on Irish charities in beta”

Analysis of faith-based charities, charities in education

New NPC publications on charities in education, faith-based charities. And an (unconnected) event.

Charities in the school system

New from sector think tank NPC is ‘School report: How can charities work best in the school system?‘.

The discussion paper examines the role of charities within the school system in England, with the focus on primary, secondary and post-16 education. It identifies areas where charities can improve educational, emotional and social outcomes for children and young people and draw together the benefits and challenges. » Continue reading news item ... “Analysis of faith-based charities, charities in education”